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Meet William Robbins aka "The Wilman"
LIKES: color combos featuring black with green, red and blue.
Favorite Movies are: "O Brother Where Art Thou", "Shawshank Redemption" and "Braveheart".
If he can't be at KWSO he'd like to be: Near the ocean with a guitar, campfire and some good company.....
DISLIKES: 1. Liars   2. Ignorant People   3. The smell of Cigarettes
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Sue Matters in the Studio
"I can't ever decide what my favorite color is but I really do like black. I'm just not sure that black counts as a color, it's more of a lack of color..."
LIKES: Bruce Springsteen, Classic Rock, Oldies, New Music, Folk, Motown and Soul, Big Band, Country, Blues, Jazz, Broadway Show Tunes, some classical and opera.  Open to most anything. 
FAVORITE EATS: New York Cheese Pizza, Shrimp Cocktail
1. When my nose whistles
2. Intolerant People
3. Having to name my favorite color...


BIGG B.jpg
Bigg B
The Color White                                               
Native American Movies like "War Party"                
Biographies and Documentaries                          
Rap and Oldies and R&B 
Fry Bread 
DISLIKES Negativity - Weakness - Obstacles















Donna Outside.jpg
Donna Wainanwit
Western's and Comedies, The Lifetime Channel, Bobby Bare,  Waylon, Both Hank's Sr. and Jr., Johnny Cash and Country Music, also Oldies like Chubby Checker, Little Richard, Smokey Robinson and those old Motown singers. I like BBQ "Burgers" and Chinese Food. Producing The Honky Tonk Hour and Rodeo Roundup especially when cowboys call with results.  I always enjoy watching my cousin Jason Smith compete in the Wildhorse Race. 
To my Lil Angel "Princess" Revonne Johnson
1. Hard Rock
3.Driving in the winter time
Marge in Control.jpg
Marge Kalama-Gabriel
LIKES  Royal Blue, Action and Horror Films and the TV show Two and a Half Men
MUSIC  Pop /  Blues Rhythm / 70s on - Especially like Santana and Neil Young
FAVORITE MEAL  Steak, Salad and Fruit
1. Loud People who don't quiet down when asked
2. Green Water with Slim and Yuck
3. Flys and Bugs that bite!
Liz Smith
LIKES Positive People, Laughing and Working Out
LOVES Her Daughters
WANTS TO Further her Education
Delson Suppah Sr.
LIKES Water, Senior Program Meals and Nike N7 
LOVES His Family
WANTS Good things for Warm Springs People